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Agency vs. Freelance: Wise Options Your Business Needs

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I have experience on both grounds as a Freelance designer. I was sailing my boat for 6+ years and it was a great journey that I am still following. But at the same time, I am working with agencies now for 2+ years, so I thought that I should step in and share some useful insights while clearing some myths too.

Are you a business owner or hoping to take your business online? If yes, then I am sure you want some experts to help you build your website or layout fresh content to market your services.

You might even have to hire a graphic designer! If you do, you can always contact me for some good designs for your business. With your business slowly blooming, there are a few choices that you have to make.

You must look out for the right digital services to establish your business online. Following it, you can either hire a freelancer or go for an agency. Which one of the two will suit your business needs? You might think to yourself.

A freelancer works independently, offering personalized services with their expertise. They are experienced consultants who have worked with promising companies in the past. Now they are set on a path of their own.

Each of your development phases will require unique services. It will allow you to work with various talented freelancers online.

An agency comprises a team of professionals who shall take care of every step as you establish an online presence.

They offer comprehensive services. Agencies have technical experts working together to deliver on-time results. Yes, agencies have a lot on their plate, but often you have to pay a heavy bill for their services.

An agency might seem fascinating to you, but have you thought it through? Does your business need an agency’s expertise or hire a few freelancers; will assemble the dots as you climb each step?

Not every agency member might be an expert, whereas freelancers today, are experts in their domain.

I know a few myths are floating around the corner, a few assumptions questioning the credibility of what a freelancer offers.

Today, freelancers are building their brand. If you’re afraid to rely on a freelancer, then you can readily seek someone with a good portfolio and genuine testimonials.

Freelancers promise ‘Try and Buy’.

Freelancers offer paid samples to showcase their writing style. You can analyze their work, see if they fit into your business, and then go by signing a complete contract.

You might or might not need an agency for your business. Saving money always helps!

I will tell you a secret. You can trust a freelancer as much as you trust an agency, and how?

With freelance, it’s 20% off.

Freelancers are cost-effective.

Most agencies you find online will ask you to pay a lot of money to book their complete package. Even if you decide to go for a premium freelancer, you will get the best work done without a dent in your wallet.

Agencies need to provide salaries for all their team members and make a substantial profit out of their work, while freelancers do not charge any hidden fees. There are no unplanned surprises, and a freelancer works on a fixed per-project rate. You can go for an agency if you have a big budget.

Freelancing gets you down to business.

Hiring a freelancer makes way for direct open conversation.

You do not have to approach Ginny for one step and Johnny for another. Sometimes, you might find it overwhelming to communicate your recommendations to a whole team member

If you hire a freelancer, you know who does the hard work. If you seek transparency, a freelance service will be your lens. If you do not have any recommendations, you can go for an agency.

Freelance service offers a quick fix.

Freelancing services deliver faster results.

An agency has multiple people working on a single project. Many processes take place simultaneously, and many opinions affect the course of action. Assigning various responsibilities to team members is a time to take the job.

Not everyone can understand your aim with the same feeling. A freelancer can discuss their strategy directly with you; they do not have to wait for the approval of all their team members. Go for a service that meets your timing goal.

Hiring a freelancer accepts a change of heart.

Yes, many agencies can successfully handle a shift in your demands. If you set up your online business, your needs, goals, and situations are subject to change. You can change your budget and even your priorities.

If you decide to go for an agency, the entire contract will have to change, and the payments are already processed. On the contrary, freelancers are open to edits. They might even not charge their fee in advance. Agencies have strict payment policies. If you have an established business, you can go for an agency.

Freelance helps you with the waters.

Working with a freelancer will give you direct access and complete visibility to the work.

If you have hired an agency to manage a business campaign for you, every platform that an agency uses might require a login that you might have no access to. And even if you are sure you will navigate through, are you sure you can communicate with the agency every time you want to look at the segment?

Some agencies might guide you, but there might be a policy to keep the campaigns private until they are out in the open. Working with freelancers might allow you to look over every step as you go by.

With freelance, there’s no complexity.

While running your business, an agency governs your campaigns. You might want to make some edits on your own. Having your work by a freelancer will save you from tricky steps.

A Freelancer serves personalized services on your table.

Agency works on their strategies and might not consider your personalized recommendations. They have different plans for different needs. They might not merge different strategies in a project together. You might or might not need specific services.


Both freelancers and agencies are great! You can choose either of them. These days, freelancing is a billion-dollar industry, and it might be okay for you to reap some benefits.