Reasons your business shouldn’t have an online presence.

Creative Banda
6 min readJun 27, 2021

So you have an offline business, pretty much the traditional type? Customers walk into your store or call for your service. You make a deal, count in the cash, and think to yourself, ‘why does everyone have to have a website today? My business works well without it.’

Yes, successful businesses have always made their way, long before the internet era but the times have changed now. The inception of the internet has changed the marketplace for good. Every business today is influenced by the internet, directly or indirectly. How long do you believe your business would sustain if you do not engage in the latest marketing strategies?

If you think this is a hoax, either you remain immune or the laws of commerce don’t apply to you. Also, you haven’t learned anything from the pandemic. People were solely dependent on online shopping while the city remained in lockdown. People who had an online store gained enormous profits in such an eventuality.

While you’re disregarding the power of an online business, your competitor just might seal another deal, sipping tea in their beds while you wait for a customer to walk into your store. Following that, you’re forced to spend an hour or so persuading them to buy from you.

You tell them the same details which they could have already known, had you shared a means to connect online, or built an e-commerce store.

To summarize, the internet has changed the game of the customer base. Who wouldn’t want to gain the attention of a worldwide audience?

I hope you get my point here and if you don’t, let me explain to you at some points why you are not yet considering taking your business online.

Let me validate your misinformed beliefs.

  1. Hate business reputation

You don’t give a damn about the reputation of your business. I am sure you don’t want everyone to know about the services you offer, and how your business can help customers. While today, companies of all sizes and industries are constantly striving hard to establish a successful online presence, you are not scared about the competition and want to stay in your comfort zone. According to you, people shall acknowledge your expertise on their own. You don’t believe in creating awareness about your business.

2. Do not want to be there.

You do not want to make sales and earn profit while you sleep. Building an online presence is what sets you free from the limitations of standard business hours. You can exchange your services 24/7. If this idea doesn’t appeal to you, it’s because you are satisfied with what you currently have. You like to leave the burden of all transactions at the mercy of your staff. You lack faith that your products can sell themselves while you rest.

3. Are introvert even for customers

You don’t like how your customers can reach out to you, with a few clicks on their Smartphone. You despise the convenience of your customers and want them to drive to your store for the exchange of your goods and services. Building an e-commerce store for yourself will allow you to capture and store important customer data, such as their contact information and brand preference.

You can use this data to create a healthy supply of your services but you rather want to stick to your old business model. Offering personalized services doesn’t come under your model of operation.

4. You love your mess.

You trust your offline showroom more than your online web showroom. Creating a website for your business would simulate a showroom, wherein potential customers can browse and gain detailed information about your product.

Instead of creating a wholesome description of a product and putting it on display online, you want to narrate the details to each customer. You think it’s practical to explain full product details to every potential customer even during peak season and rush hours.

5. Spending over Earning.

You don’t mind paying high operational costs while you run your business. The traditional business requires a dedicated team to manage customers during product selection, generate invoice, and manage accounts.

An online business would completely transform all your business operations to an automatic mode. The very same customers can buy your product online, and you wouldn’t have to hire a large number of people. Since you don’t have your business online yet, it seems you don’t believe in savings. You like to spend a lot by investing in office expenses.

6.Hate working from home.

You don’t feel like you deserve a vacation. You don’t want to spend more time with yourself and your family. Having your business limited to a traditional, offline means will limit the number of leaves that you can take. You are demanded to be present physically at your business location, at all times. Expanding your business online will drive your sales, even when you’re holidaying. You can even operate remotely. It’s sad how some people think that hard work can make you successful, but you just have to be smart

7. Think popularity is overrated.

Do not take your business online and never be found. You do not want your business to reach its full potential and want to stop an uncountable number of people from visiting your online store, all at once. I get it that some people do not like to be famous but their business can be popular and in demand. You can easily target the global market by taking your traditional business online.

8. Distrust in Social Media.

You do not think that online marketing can help you. According to reports, creating a website or a company page on all the social media platforms can triple your marketing and insanely promote your brand. Maintaining a social media account dedicated to your business can enhance your reach when you launch a new product. But instead, you find satisfaction by displaying banners all across the city. Maybe this is why you do not have a company account on Facebook!


Whether you like it or not, everyone uses their computers today to search for a nearby service online. If you do want to be lost in the crowd, you must highlight your business. I am not at all saying to close your offline business and rely solely on an online one. I am asking you to enjoy both ways.

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